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Jan 24, 2010 8:30am EST
have pledged hundreds of millions of dollars. at the haitian embassy in washington this past weekend, workers were inundated with bags of clothes and supplies. one of the busiest centers of aid is in south florida, which has one of the largest concentrations of haitians in the country. kim lawton reports that church officials and faith-based volunteers are working tirelessly to provide food and medical supplies. they are also grappling with the often-asked question: why did god let the earthquake happen? >> reporter: at a small airport in fort pierce, florida, a christian aviation ministry called missionary flights international has been working around the clock, trying to get desperately needed help into haiti. hundreds of volunteers from local churches are sorting and packing donations that have come in from across the u.s., from food and water to medical supplies, clothes, and even fuel. and m.f.i. pilots are flying in the cargo and emergency personnel as fast as they can. >> it's a great feeling. you know, most people like to help each other. we found that here. it's just amazing
Jan 24, 2010 10:30am EST
washington this pasweekend, woers were inundated with bgs of clothes and sulies. one of the busit centers of aid is in south orida, which has one of the largest concentratns of haitians in the country. kimawton reports that church officis and faith-based volunteers e working tirelessly to providfood and medical pplies. they are also grapplinwith the often-ked question: why did god let the earthquake hpen? >> reporter: at a sml airport in fort pierce, florida, christian aviati ministry called ssionary flights internaonal has been working around the clock, tryi to get desperately needed lp into haiti. hundredsf volunteers from local churches are soing and packing donations that haveome in from across the u.s from food and water to medic supplies, cthes, and even fuel. and m.f.i. pilots are flyg in the cargo d emergency personnel as fasas they can. it's a great feeling. you know, most pele like to help each other we found at here. it's just amazing wh's come together here. people wa to help do something and you find out at they do d what they can do and pret soon you've got a job for tm. >>
Jan 10, 2010 10:30am EST
llin in floyd, xas. >> abernethy: longtime washington newan brit hume of fox news provoked spirited reaction lasteekend when he said on television that tige woods should turno ristianity for the quote, "remption and forgiveness he badly nes." hume is a christian. woods has asciated himself with buddhim. ome buddhists charged that he had been disrespectful otheir belfs. ome journalists complained- and hume denie- that he had used his publiclatform to proselytize. chlene wilson-doffoney is a funeral director in uth philadelphia. she knows all too we that life for poor, young men america's inner cities caoften be dangerous, violent and short we have a stor from lucky severson today that getso the tragic heart of the suation. >> reporter: the middle-aged woman cleaning uthe big motorcycle is charlene wion- doffoney who's on her way t rk at her funeral home in south philly. she says she took up cyclingo geaway from the dying. philadelphia may be st known as the city of brothey love, but charlene says her ighborhood has also been called "killadelph" because there haveeen so many murders,
Jan 17, 2010 8:30am EST
rule for years, but the november arrest has provoked a new wave of demonstrations. in washington, congress returned this week and religious activists are among those lobbying for quick action on healthcare reform. several faith leaders joined several faith leaders joined legislators on capitol hill to demand protections for middle and low-income americans. affordability, they said, is the key to true reform. as public outrage continues over wall street's plans to pay multi-million dollar bonuses to its top executives and traders, president obama called such bonuses "obscene" and proposed a new tax on the country's largest banks. meanwhile, the heads of the four largest investment banks were the first witnesses before a bipartisan commission investigating the causes of last year's financial crisis. >> abernethy: a new book out this week called "rediscovering values" urges moral as well as economic reforms. its author is rev. jim wallace of "sojourners magazine." jim, welcome. as you look back at the causes of the so-called great recession what are some of the most important ones t
Jan 3, 2010 8:30am EST
washington post" and georgetown university; and with kim lawton, managing editor of this program. welcome to you all, and happy new year. jason, we have a recession. what's going to happen to it, do you think? and what effect has it had and will it have on the churches, the denominations, the charities-- all those people that you cover? >> i am struck by how you can't have a conversation with a religious leader now without talking about what the financial downturn means for their organizations. this is across the board, from left to right, whatever position one has. what this means is that people are laying people off. they are cutting back on ministries. i wonder if this isn't the story upcoming. lots of our denominational infrastructures were built at a time when you could assume money would keep coming in. well, it's not now. and how do you do more with less? nobody is quite sure how to do that. >> talking about doing more with less, the recession is also having a terrible impact on the people in the pews of all of these religious congregations, the people that these ministries serve.
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)